Saturday, April 18, 2009

There's a lump on my head

lump on the head


he circumference is about the size of a quarter. It's not that high, I don't think. It just HURTS.

I noticed it last night when I tried to turn on my side to go to sleep. It hurt like hell. It's hurting now.

I haven't fallen. I haven't been hit in the head. If I was Tracey a hypochondriac, I'd think I have cancer.


I think I need one of those hemorrhoid pillows for my head. Just the part with the lump. It's very hard to fall asleep when I'm used to sleeping on one side and I can't. :-(

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Did I tell you about the caterpillars that are attracted to MY back door and no one else's?

caterpillar invasion

I counted 13 at the highest yesterday. I haven't checked yet.

Ok, I don't see any. They must have succeeded in climbing all the way up to cocoon themselves.

I remember once I worked at a building that had a ladybug invasion, but only on one side.

Animals are weird.
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  1. I hope it goes away quickly! I know whenever I get a headache I can hear dialogue from Kindergarten Cop in my head;
    Kid: "It could be a tumor"
    Arnie: "It's not a too-mah!"

    Every damned time... And I am no hypochondriac.

  2. Aria - LMFAO! I can hear Ahh-nold in my head right now. :-)

  3. Sounds like a swollen gland. That's where some of the lymph glands are. Mine swell up before I get a whopper of a cold. :( Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Rebecca - Gross, LOL. I definitely don't want a cold!

  5. Did you go to the doctor? I will worry about you until you go. You'll have this nagging little voice in your head telling you to get it checked out. If you've already been, just send the voice home. I'm not crazy. I'm really not. I hope your lump goes away..being female, it could be another brain. *batting eyelashes*

  6. Rene - I can't afford to go to the doctor this month. So I will do my best to avoid the nagging little voice in my head, which I do quite effectively and frequently, until the ice packs I've been wearing stop freezing & it's May.


  7. When I had tonsillitis and my most recent chest infection the glands in the back of my neck swelled up - that one in your picture was the worse but the ones near my jaw swelled up to so they were pretty painful. Keep an eye on them and see if they go down at all.

  8. Angel - I used an ice pack for 2 days and the swelling went down. It barely hurts anymore.


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