Friday, October 03, 2008

Today - 10-3-08


took Evan to the Dr for his last check-up on his fractured hand. He is finally free to wash the dishes again. WHOOOOOOO HOOOOO!

His appt was at 10:30. I think we were there until 11:30. Then he had to go next door to get the effing x-ray. Then the Dr's office was closed for lunch so we went to wal-mart & I was going to get some gas.

The cheapest gas station had no gas, so I had to go somewhere else.

Then we went to Wal-mart and I saw a camera phone that I want.

Then we went back to the doctor's office for him to see the x-ray.

Then we went by MD's to get some chicken wire for my back door (I have no screen) to keep the dogs out and tell her about the cell phone that I want for my birthday.

She said she'd get it. I told her she should get one (instead of her freaking net phone) so that we can talk to each other for free, and I'll give Evan my old one for when he's outside and I want to talk to him and tell him to come home (or whatever).

Then I put together her fire pit for the future "Weenie Roasts" that we will have this winter.

Then we burned some leaves and twigs in a "fire barrel" that I made with some more chicken wire.

Now my back hurts so I'm going to lay on the heating pad.

Oh, and I've lost more weight. Weeeeee!

Apparently it all came from my right boob, though. Because when I put on my best fitting bra this morning (the one that makes me extra perky), I had to stuff the right one with 2 socks to try to make the boobs even. WTF? Why can't the fat disappear from my gut and leave the boobs alone?

Evil mother nature.


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