Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No, my back isn't better.


esterday I called MD and asked her to come over here for when Evan got home from school. I wanted to go get some more PMS Medication (works wonders on my back pain normally) but I didn't want to lock the door. (I have to go out the front door and walk to the back to my car in order to keep both doors locked.)

Earlier, I had gone to my car for some reason and I finally looked my new neighbor in the face. This is the neighbor who has 15 people at his house at all times and they all sit right outside my sliding glass door so that I can hear their conversations.

Me - Are you Deion? (Not his real name)
D - Yes, hi Angy! How are you doing?

When I was in HS, I went by "Angy". Anyway, Deion is like a tall Flavor-Flav. When I was in HS & on the School Newspaper staff, he and I decided to play a practical joke. We put an announcement in the paper that we would be getting married on the football field on April 1 @ 3pm.

Everybody was saying "I thought you would marry Toddler Penis. I didn't even know you and Deion were 'talking'" ('Talking' is what they called it right before you became BF & GF.)

Anyway, he told me about his plans for the future (he wants to be a football coach at the HS) and said:

D - I saw your son
Me - He doesn't play football, in case you were going to ask. Everyone asks him that as soon as they see him.
D - Oh. *sounding disappointed*

Anyway, it was nice to speak to him because he told me about...Pookie. I had a serious crush on him in HS. He was 5 feet tall then and he probably still is. But anyway, he told me that Pookie had asked about me last week or something. (Maybe I'll get to have sex again before I die after all!)


So while I was at Da Dolla Sto, Evan came home from school.

MD - Your mother asked me to come over and sit with you until she got home.
Evan - Yes, she thinks I'll throw a party if she's not here. She doesn't trust me.


Last night I took the PMS Pills every 4 hours, laid on an ice pack & took a Xanax to boot.

Today my back isn't hurting quite as bad as yesterday (last night I could barely move in bed), but it's different.

I was washing some dishes. I have to move my legs every so often or my knees will hyper-extend and get stuck then swell up for the next 2 or 3 days.

Every time I moved my legs, I had to grab the sink because my legs would give out?!?!

WTF is this fresh horror?

I'm used to my knees buckling, not my lower back.

This is some crazy shit.

I'm going to have to call my dealer (MD) and get some Darvocet.


I really don't like taking narcotics.

But I like being in this much pain even less. :-(


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