Monday, July 03, 2006

Custom Graphics by Angelika

Yeah...I'm sure there's a professional way to do this, but I am Angelika, so here goes:

At the suggestion of some online friends, I've decided to start accepting donations for my custom headers for blogs or websites.

1. I only accept paypal ($20 donation per header/project).
2. Payment must be received prior to me doing the header
3. You have to supply the custom images that you want used.

If you would like references, check out Badgals Radio and Rebecca Bradley Photography.

Here are the banners I made for them (Click to enlarge):
Badgals Banner by Angelika
Rebecca Bradley Photography by Angelika

I will also do custom 100x100 Entrecards or Buttons for $5.

Entrecard A1972-1Entrecard A1972-2Entrecard A1972-3Entrecard A1972-4

If you need a graphic of a different size, e-mail me (idunoh at yahoo dot com) and we can discuss it. :-)


  1. Oooo, I LOVE HOUSE and especially Hugh Laurie. My husband can't understand why I like him. Well, he is sexy with that bad boy image, but his character iis deep and mysterious. He is one of those men women want but should stay away from because he would definitle be bad for your health!

  2. Cher - I agree. House would make a good booty call, but he is NOT boyfriend material, LOL.

  3. who would want him for a boyfriend ? even that girl who was with the other doctor when he was stalking her didn't "WANT" him. she apparently only wanted him.. you are right. screw him.


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