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Angelika Lexicon

Feeling Normal
here are words and phrases that I use occasionally that aren't real words, or have a different meaning than you might think. Words or phrases will be added as necessary.

Meaning: Male version of a punk ass, weak minded, cry-baby, over-sensitive, yellow bellied, wimpy person
Usage: That mitch started CRYING when I told him that only teenage girls like Justine Bieber!

Het Up
Meaning: Aggravated, or severely irritated
Usage: That woman who had 57 items in the 20 items or less aisle got me all het up!

Also known as an ellipses.
Usage: I usually do this when I'm thinking (in my head) "how stoopit!" or "isn't this ridiculous?" but I don't want to possibly offend a reader, LOL.

Dookie Braids
Meaning: Big fat braids that look like a turd rather than the skinny braids worn by Bo Derek in the movie "10". This explanation is for the non black people reading my blog because I think all black people know what a Dookie Braid is...
Origin: My SIL, I think? She used to braid my hair for me before I knew how to do it and she told me that Dookie Braids would take less time to do because they were bigger. (They also look bad faster, because they aren't as tight.)

Meaning: Teeth
Origin: My twisted mind?
Usage: Did you brush yo teefuss?

Meaning: Anyway
Origin: Madea
Usage: Entyway, I went to da sto.
Listen to pronounciation!

Meaning: Oh My Lord, Y'all. Used only on the internet.
Origin: My diseased brain because I felt I was using OMG too much.
Usage: OMLY, did you see that Octomom special? That chick is a fucking Remo!
Listen to pronounciation!

Meaning: Crazy or insane
Origin: I don't remember
Usage: That guy arguing with himself at high volume is clearly teched in the heyud.
Listen to pronounciation!

Meaning: Head
Origin: No idee.
Usage: Ahmoan buss you upside yo heyud. (I'm going to hit you in the head.)
Listen to pronounciation!

Meaning: I'm going to...
Origin: My southern neighbors
Usage: Ahmoan go to da sto (I'm going to go to the store.)
Listen to pronounciation!

Meaning: I'm about to...
Origin: My southern neighbors
Usage: I'm fiddnuh fix me some fried catfish.
Listen to pronounciation!

Meaning: A lot, so many I don't want to count.
Origin: Either MD or George W Bush, I don't remember.
Usage: Clean up your room! There are fiftyleven toys all in the floor for me to step on!
Listen to pronounciation!

Meaning: Toilet
Origin: All in the Family's Archie Bunker
Usage: Did you flush the terlet?
Listen to pronounciation!

Meaning: An adjective for a person who brings me joy because of their innocent or oblivious ignorance. A nice way of calling someone an idiot.
Origin: Rick & Bubba radio Show
Usage: OMG! I was trying to explain it to her, but she's so precious she didn't get it.

Meaning: A person who ticks me off with their ignorance.
Origin: My precious Southern neighbors.
Usage: That idjit stole my parking space!
Listen to pronounciation!

Meaning: Idea
Origin: My southern neighbors
Usage: I have no idee where my keys are.
Listen to pronounciation!

Meaning: A person who is oblivious. A way to call someone a Retarded Moron in public without the public knowing what you're saying.
Origin: My BFF
Usage: Evan,we've been coming to this store all your life. How can you not know where the milk is??? Remo!

Meaning: A person who, from their actions, can be described as "Retarded".
Origin: My BFF
Usage: Did you see that Tard? She's got her dog in her lap, a phone on her shoulder, and she just crossed 3 lanes of traffic!

Meaning: Stupid
Origin: My precious Southern neighbors.
Usage: Ali G is stoopit, but he cracks me up!
Listen to pronounciation!

I hate it for you.
Meaning: Deal with it.
Origin: My HS friends
Usage: Oh, you don't want to clean up your room (go to bed, eat your vegetables, STFU)? I hate it for you.

Disclaimer: The words/phrases on this page are words I use in real life. They are not intended to offend. If your knickers are in a twist over them, I hate it for you!

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