Saturday, January 25, 2014

I'm Sorry vs I apologize

Feeling WhateverWhen I was 13, I learned the difference between "I'm Sorry" and "I apologize"

My mother birth giver and I were in the kitchen with our fists pulled back ready to punch.

Hey, SHE'S the one who taught me to fight back, so Bitch, if you raise your hand at ME, YOU REALLY THINK I'M NOT going to take that as my opportunity to beat the shit out of YOU FOR A CHANGE?

Anyway, she called my father & said "Come in here before I kill your daughter!"

So my dad comes in & says "Apologize for raising your hand to your mother."

I said "I'm sorry" 3 times before he said "NO YOU ARE NOT SORRY! I SAID APOLOGIZE!"

So, I said "I apologize." to the bitch.

She told me if I EVER hit her, I'd better kill her and I KNEW that if I EVER hit her I wouldn't stop until one of us was dead.

So, that's why I'm not in prison for Matricide because I believe she learned THAT DAY not to FUCKING HIT ME ANYMORE!  (After that, she'd just use her fat sumo wrestler belly trying to PROVOKE ME into hitting her.  Have I ever told you that I'm NOT A FUCKING IDIOT?)

And that's why I don't say "I'm sorry" if I don't MEAN IT.  Because most of the time I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR precious bitchass FEELINGS, but I will apologize because MY FATHER taught me what it meant.

And NO, I AM NOT PMSing.  Just adjusting to my new Anti-psychotic!

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