Sunday, February 19, 2012

I almost drowned!

Feeling Normal


nd today I found out the REAL reason.

When I was about 9 I was floating on my back in the pool when I heard my dad call my name, so I tried to stand up and realized I had drifted into the deep section.

I'm flailing, panicking, swallowing water and thinking I'm screaming "HELP!" when in actuality I was probably whispering.

9 year old AngelikaFinally, I found a man's leg under the water & just crawled up him until I could get out.

I said to my dad "Didn't you see me? Why didn't you help me?!?!"
He said "I knew you would do it."

I've been telling that story for 30 years.

Today my mom came over for pizza & we were watching Kevin Hart's "Laugh @ my Pain" and I told the story to my son when Kevin was telling about how his dad almost let him drown.

My mother said "NOOOOOOO! Your father was too busy looking at some chick in a bikini, he didn't even see you!"


Thanks, Dad.

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