Friday, March 11, 2011

What the EFF 3/11/11

Feeling Irritated


o, Evan sold one of his bikes for $15 on Wednesday. He had traded one of the 20" bikes I got him for a bigger bike with a fat motorcycle looking tire on the back.

Evan's 20Yes. I bought him the first 20" bike when he was about 5 and then bought him THE EXACT SAME BIKE a few years later when he needed a bigger one. I don't think either of us realized, at the time, that I was buying the same fucking thing we had at home when I bought it, LOL.

Whatever. He finally has a bike that is big enough for him to ride as a 5'9"ish boy instead of an elementary school boy.

So, when I said to him "plug in the Fry Daddy" (so I could fry some chicken) he said "Or, we could have pizza!"

*Sniff* He's just like his mama. Gets some extra $$ and it burns a hole in his pocket, LOL. (Dear Baby Jesus, please let him learn how to save $$ like his Nana does and not continue spending ASAP like his Mother does.)

Domino's Chicken Carbonara BreadbowlSo we had Pizza. Well, he had pizza. I had the Chicken Carbonara minus the bread bowl. The pasta had at least 10 whole strips of bacon cut up into it, 1 entire onion & not nearly enough sauce.

Whatever. It tasted good, if a little dry. I ate all the ziti, some of the bacon & threw the rest away. I'm proud of me. It's rare that I leave bacon uneaten.

Evan started complaining about his throat hurting at around the same time I started feeling rumbling in my stomach which is the precoursor to "The Backdoor Trots" (aka Diarrhea). I drank some Pepto & told Evan I'd take him to the Doctor on Thursday because this is the second time in a couple of weeks that his throat has hurt, for whatever reason I started thinking about his tonsils.

Lysol Freshmatic Air FreshenerI spent the rest of Wed night/Thurs morning in the bathroom having liquid shit shoot out of my (_|_) and drinking Pepto (which I HATE) because I couldn't find my Immodium pills. Evan spent the entire night on the PC or watching TV downstairs with me because every time he laid down to try to sleep, he couldn't breath AND I had funked up the upstairs so bad with my bowel coffee that no amount of Lysol Fresh Linen Air Freshener could entirely cover it up.

Whatever, right?

So I didn't get to sleep until about 6 am Thurs morning. The Doctor's office opens @ 8, but I couldn't force myself awake until 9:30. I called & was told they had no appointments until Friday (today) so I took it.

Newborn Evan I fell back to sleep and proceeded to sleep ALL FARKING DAY like a damned newborn baby except I didn't wake up to eat OR use the bathroom!!! I think I woke up at 8 pm? So of course I KNEW I'd be up all night. And I knew I'd find it almost impossible to stay awake at around 6 pm tonight (Friday), so I'd start the effing sleep for hours during the day & staying up all night cycle again.

So I just took some caffeine because I don't want to be too sleepy to drive Evan to the doc's and I don't want to take him to his appt then come home to sleep.


I just hope this only keeps me up until midnight @ the latest. And I hope I don't get any more diarrhea (which is what usually happens whenever I have caffeine or aspirin & I've had both because I took 2 Excedrin Migraine pills @ 5:30 am when I KNEW I wouldn't get to sleep after 45 fucking minutes of self "pleasure" with no payoff???????????

Oh, did I forget to tell you that one of my intermittent MS symptoms is that I go numb from the waist down? That sucks because a) I don't know when I have to go to the bathroom & end up pissing myself and 2) I can't have an orgasm to help me try to get to sleep.

I'm not completely numb yet. But the vibrations which can usually send me into a frenzy in 2 minutes flat did NOTHING but feel slightly pleasurable. On the plus side, it explains why I was able to sleep for 15 hours and wake up with no backache...


I need to go check Facebook NOW or I'll end up with 300 gifts that it takes me a week to accept because FB keeps telling me I've reached my daily limit of gifts.


Hugs & shit. :-)

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