Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Guy I crush on when I was 13...

Feeling Excited


don't know how we got on this subject @ my favorite forum, but we were talking about boys we had crushes on in High School.

So I looked up the one I crushed on when I was 13 & living in Maryland. His name was Dominick. I was a freshman, he was a senior (I think) and I was friends with his sister Cheryl.

I remember spending the night @ Cheryl's house one night (that's the time that one of Cheryl's friends said "So it was either punch the wall or punch the nigger." and I said "Why didn't you punch the nigger?" and she was all "OMG, I didn't mean YOU, you're not a nigger." But that's a story for another time.)

ANYWAY, we were watching a movie and Dominick came and laid on the floor beside me. My little teenage heart was thumping so hard I thought it would thump right out of my chest.

I wrote him a note saying something like "I know you're a senior & I'm a freshman. I know you have a girlfriend, but I have a crush on you. I don't expect you to start going out with me, but if you would say "Hi" to me in the hallway and not act like I don't exist, that would be great."


I remember once I was walking down the street with a friend of mine and Dominick drove by in his van & honked his horn and waved.

I literally fell in the street clutching my chest like "OMG, He honked at me!"

My friend was like "Angy (back when I wanted to be called Angie, but I wanted to be different at the same time so I spelled it Angy) he's looking at you!"

Me - I don't care!

You know how certain things can happen to you and you remember them for the rest of your life and the person who did the thing to/for you probably doesn't remember?

Anyway, I found him on Facebook. I sent him this message

Message 2 Dom

Guess what I got this morning

Dominick Accepted


I always remembered Dominick because he was so nice about my crush on him. When I lived in Maryland, freshmen were the scum of the earth and I think it was the kiss of death to be seen talking to one of them. (That ALL changed when I moved to the south where the age of consent is 16, another story for another time).

But Dominick didn't have to be so nice to me. I don't know why he was then, but he has always been a good memory.

Now I feel just as giddy as I did when he drove by & honked at me.

Honestly, I wouldn't have anything to say to him, but...he's clearly still a nice guy.


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