Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Oh, one more thing

Feeling Irritated


e hate the new 26" tv I bought on Friday of last week.

It's a Vizio. It was on sale.

I'll be taking it back before Christmas & getting a brand I've heard of. MD has a Sanyo & a Sharp HDTV & we like the way those look.

On this Vizio that I have, blonde people look like they have orange hair. So I change it and then white people have gray lips. Basically the color is ALL FUCKED UP no matter how much I mess with it.

I'm already OCD. I can't live like this. I get shit to look right on one channel & then it's all screwed up again on the next channel.

AND it's so damned QUIET! I have both the DVR & TV volumes up all the way when the heat comes on.

I hate this bitch!

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