Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When I'm bored

Feeling Normal


nd not in the mood to read, unable to sleep, & unwilling to watch some of my DVR Crap... I go online and post random shit to my friends, LOL.

One of my friends (Evan's future MIL) hasn't been online much lately because of a job or something ridiculous like that. Anyway, she came back to say why she hasn't been around and that she felt out of the loop.

I posted this:

Angelika is bored

Now I'm off to return my library books & go to Wal-Mart for some ground beef.

I'm hoping it will inspire me to actually cook something since I don't think my baby has had any home cooked meals this month, LOL. I mean it has either been take-out or I fried some chicken but no side dishes. Poor kid has been eating cereal & scrambled eggs for 2 weeks.

At least with ground beef in the house, he can make himself a hamburger. :-)


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  1. Well Ground Beef is the base for alot of good stuff so he can have a selection of meals if you get a large package. he can have spaghetti and meatballs, he can have meatloaf, he can have lasagne, he can have hamburgers, he can have chili, he can have tacos, he can have a burrito.

    there, I did the work for you so cut, paste, print and post on the fridge.

    and ahhruuuh that looks like that remark you made about marrying your best friend who is a girl early in the year.. uurrruhhh yeah.

    obtw tina says Bey Ain't with BeyBey..

  2. Re - I got him 3 lbs. I make the spaghetti, but he does make a good meatloaf!

    You would think that people who've known me longer than a minute would realize when I'm pulling their jive. Especially when it says I'm married or pregnant! That, God willing, will NEVER HAPPEN!

    Does Tina really know? Regardless, when B does get knocked up, I hope for the baby's sake it looks like B. :-)


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