Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I didn't really think she'd do it...

Feeling Surprised


couldn't really sleep last night. I think 2010 is another year for the really bad insomnia. :-(

Anyway, I decided to go out this morning to run some errands instead of waiting for Evan to get home from school when it will be hot outside.

Electric Shopping CartI got to Wal-Mart @ about 9:45. They didn't have any electric carts. I decided to sit on the bench just inside the door for a while to see if someone brought one back.

While I was there, some older man asked if he could sit beside me. Of course I said "Yes".

Dude proceeded to tell me that he's on vacation with his wife from South Georgia and they were only supposed to stay here for 3 days on their way back from Maryland where he preached at some church but they've been here for a week now and they are going back home this Thursday! Yada yada on and on.

So I see someone I know and jokingly, I said "Go back in and get Evan some boots so I don't have to walk all the way back there."
She - What size?
Me - 12½
She - Black or brown?
Me - Black

So she goes back in the store to shop for the shoes!!!!!!!!

I turned to the dude and said "I didn't really think she'd do it!"
He - Well you must know her.
Me - Yeah.

So he told me that he has a - one of those things you drive on vacation. Like a Winnebago? I don't remember what it's called.

He told me other stuff too, but I wasn't really listening, I was looking for the girl who went back to get the shoes.

Herman Work BootsShe came back with a black and brown pair size 12 (they didn't have 12½) but said she'd go back for 13 if I wanted her to.

Me - No. If he doesn't like these, I'll bring Evan back and HE can walk all the way back there. I really appreciate this. Thank you so much!


Can you buleedat?

The only reason I can think why she did it is because her mother is BFFs with my SIL and her younger sister was BFFs with my niece when they were in elementary school.

The only person I go back into Wal-Mart for is my mother, and that's only because I have the electric cart and I don't actually have to walk all over creation to get whatever it is, LOL.


People can be so nice sometimes. ☺
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