Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nothing to say - 7/15/10

Feeling Whatever


have nothing to say.

I mean, I lay in bed and think about what I'm going to blog. And I'm trying to decide if I want to just switch to video blogging or what.

But then I remember how rarely I do my hair or put on makeup so the printed word is for your safety...


Anyway, I cut my nails and painted them purple.

Purple Nails

Yes, that's when my nails are cut. I had to cut them because they were getting stuck between the keys on the keyboard.

I made a little scrapbook thing of my niece and my great niece. Is my niece's child my great niece? I have no idea how this family shit works.

My niece and great niece

Doesn't she look like me? My niece, I mean. Not the baby, LOL. It's unfair. Both of my nieces look like me (my brother if you want to be specific) and my own son looks like a Mexican pool boy...


I tried some new jelly beans. Honey Lovers.

Honey Lovers Jellybeans

They have good flavoring like Jelly Belly jelly beans, but the finish is all honey. So I wouldn't recommend them if you don't like honey. 5% of the proceeds go to some project to save the honey bee. That's not why I bought them. I bought them because the last pack of gourmet jellybeans I bought had way too many licorice flavored beans. I can't stand licorice or root beer.

That is all.

My crops are ready to be harvested.


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