Friday, November 20, 2009

No Christmas this year because God hates me.

Feeling Normal


nd so does my mother.

Last week she had to pay major money to get her plumbing fixed. They had to dig up under her driveway.

Last year she "loaned" me the money to get this computer & a new starter & a crown on my tooth. So I owe her like $2000.

This morning, I go to start my fucking car and the bitch won't start.

So I called my mother, who had to borrow jumper cables from my grandmother to give me a boost.

Went to try to pawn some of my jewelry to get some money because Evan is home next week & he's going to eat everything in the house, plus I wanted to get him an MP3 player or a bike for Christmas.

They offered $35 for the "scrap" gold.


No thank you.

I go out to start my car and THE BITCH WON'T START. Not even the damned interior light or clock came on.

I blame George W & Obama because I can.I called 911 because I didn't want to call MD again.

The fucking cops didn't have jumper cables?????????

So I called my mother. Again.

She told me to keep the jumper cables until I got back from Wal-Mart.

When I got to Wal-Mart, "my greeter" told me that someone from the auto dept could give me a jump if the car wouldn't start so I didn't have to leave the car running.

Thank goodness. Because I needed a jump.

Which means I need a new fucking alternator.

More $$ that I don't have.

That I'll have to borrow from my mother.

I haven't told her yet.

I'm going to try to have a yard sale tomorrow. Sell old DVDs & books & maybe some jewelry.

Why does God hate me so much?

I blame George W & Obama because I can.


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