Tuesday, October 06, 2009

MS Twibbon

My MS Twitter Image


created a Multiple Sclerosis Twibbon. I saw the ones for Breast Cancer, and decided to add an MS Twibbon too.

You can help the cause for MS Awareness by donating or participating in the Walks that the MS Society regularly has.

If you already have a Twitter acct, you can add the MS Twibbon to your avatar.

We ALL know someone affected by Multiple Sclerosis. It's a shitty disease that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Let's find a cure for this!


  1. I've got mine on my Twitter piccy ;)

  2. great job lady...if I can add another twibbon I will

  3. MS has affected several families that I know. It's one of two charities I donate to regularly.

    And I'm guessing I'm the only person on the planet that doesn't Tweet?

  4. Aria - Cool!

    Marsha - No. Whoopi Goldberg doesn't Tweet. You're in good company. :-)

  5. Got mine too. Can I be first to wish you happy birthday or do I have to wait until it is here?

    Gave you an award. Stop by if you want. Just because. :)

  6. Of course you can be the first to wish me Happy Birthday! I doubt anyone will remember, LOL. I mean, IRL. :-)



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