Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finally, something to post, LOL

Feeling Amused


f you are one of the uptight motherfuckers who can't take a damned joke supersensitive to things which might be perceived as racist, don't read this.

I don't know what you just said to me.So there's a forum I go to all the time called JJHF (Jenn's Just Have Fun). I've been going there for years. There's one guy who is totally clueless when it comes to pop culture. I mean, he might as well be Amish, he's so clueless. (Back me up, Becky. You KNOW who I'm talking about, LOL.)

So one of the mothers has a baby who can make the Wendy Williams "How you doin'" face and I want her (the mother) to get the kid to say it and send it to Wendy so I can see the baby on TV.

This is the conversation that followed my link to the 8 month old baby who said it:

Click the pic to enlarge it!

Conversation with Droo

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