Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finally, something to post, LOL

Feeling Amused


f you are one of the uptight motherfuckers who can't take a damned joke supersensitive to things which might be perceived as racist, don't read this.

I don't know what you just said to me.So there's a forum I go to all the time called JJHF (Jenn's Just Have Fun). I've been going there for years. There's one guy who is totally clueless when it comes to pop culture. I mean, he might as well be Amish, he's so clueless. (Back me up, Becky. You KNOW who I'm talking about, LOL.)

So one of the mothers has a baby who can make the Wendy Williams "How you doin'" face and I want her (the mother) to get the kid to say it and send it to Wendy so I can see the baby on TV.

This is the conversation that followed my link to the 8 month old baby who said it:

Click the pic to enlarge it!

Conversation with Droo


  1. LOL omg if i was drinking something right now it'd be all over my screen. i love your nicknames. whitest of white boys and momma T. LOL @ I don't watch BET. NO SHIT.

  2. Becks - I know, right? Of ALL the people at JJHF, WhiteBoy is the last one I would expect to watch BET, LOL.

  3. Angelika, you are so funny.
    so how would he know about Frankie and Neffe if he didn't watch bet. laaaaawwddddd girlll/
    smdh and shootin you the "side-eye"
    hey is there a new episode of Tiny and Toya yet ?
    last I saw was the talent showcase. I like them.
    they're so chilled and cute.

  4. I'm practically an albino and I know who Wendy is... although I don't know what the Wendy face is cause I don't watch it.

  5. Re - I don't watch Tiny & Toya or Frankie & Neffe, but I know who they are, LOL.

    Aria - It's not the fact that he's white as much as how TOTALLY CLUELESS he is about pop culture. Someone says DJ AM died and he's like "Who's that?" Someone said something about Brian Williams and he didn't know who that was either! I don't know what he does all day to know NOTHING about well known people in the world.


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