Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Did I tell you that Evan is my

Feeling Whatever


ersonal Celebrity Death Reporter?

No idea why, but on Twitter, he always gets the latest death reports. Here's an

If you're a big Michael Jackson fan, sorry for your loss

Evan: Who is John Hughes?
Me: He directed "The Breakfast Club" Why?
Evan: 'Cause he's dead.


Evan: Guess what I found out today.
Me: What did you found out today?
Evan: Michael Jackson is dead.
Me: So?
Evan: That's what I thought...


If you're a big fan of Michael Jackson, sorry for your loss.

Not really, but whatever.

Go somewhere else for MJ Love.

AND Oprah Love while we're at it.


Now playing: T.I. - Dead And Gone

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