Friday, August 21, 2009

Day with Mommy Dearest :-)

Feeling Normal


o Evan's nebulizer broke. No idea why. But I finally nagged him enough about taking a breathing treatment this summer (allergies exacerbate his asthma) that yesterday he was actually going to take one. *faint*

Got everything ready. Machine didn't come on at all.

NebulizerWe went to the pharmacy where he got his first one & they said they don't carry that brand anymore, so I had to drive 40 miles (one way) to the company that supplied his first one to get a replacement.

I asked MD if she wanted to come along.

She likes to go first thing in the morning. I told her I'd be leaving around 10 or 11 am.

She called me @ 9am to ask when I was showing up & why I hadn't called.

She - I thought you were going to call me @ 9?
Me - I said I'd call you 30 minutes before I left to see if you wanted to go.
She - Well, I remember something about 9.
Me - Whatever, I'm not leaving yet. I'll pick you up about 10:30.

So I drag my xanax drugged ass out of bed & got ready. I knew I'd need to drink a Sundrop for the caffiene or I'd be droopy all day.

If I hadn't NEEDED to get Evan's machine I would have stayed in bed all day.


So I wore tannish/almost white colored shorts & a red shirt.

When I get to MD's house, she's wearing white pants & a red shirt.

I swear to Jaysus she is ALWAYS matching me or Evan when we go somewhere together, LOL.

When we got to the medical supply store (All of us have gotten stuff from there. So they know us) they remarked that she & I could be twins. (PFEH! I look like my dad & I'm not a Purse Whore like my mother. Not that that's a bad thing.)

I swear to Jaysus she is ALWAYS matching me or Evan when we go somewhere together, LOL.
Me - When she and my son & I all go out together, she's always matching one of us, but she's happier when it's Prince Evan that's wearing the same color she is, LOL.

I had asked her if she wanted to ride with me because they have a meat store down there where you can get really good deals on a month's worth of meat (chicken, pork & beef, etc) for $19.99 or 29.99 depending on the size of the box you want.

So after the meat store I was ready to go home. Driving all that way makes my back hurt. But she thinks it's silly to drive all that way and not go EVERYWHERE IN TOWN.

Me - *sigh* Where else do you want to go?
She - Well, I could at least treat you to lunch.
Me - Ok, where do you want to go?
She - Are you hungry? Because I won't waste my money if you're not hungry.
Me - Well I haven't eaten yet, so I'm sure I can get your money's worth.

We went to Western Sizzlin. The one in that town has a whole table of MEAT. The one we usually go to has fried & baked chicken & then 2 other meats.

Today I had some fish that tasted like sardines (ironic since I was craving sardines last night), BBQ Ribs, some disgusting pineapple chicken, Hot Wings that were almost as good as the ones in Tuscaloosa, salad & mashed taters.

She - Oh, you're being a good girl today.
Me - What do you mean?
She - Eating all of your salad.
Me - Something about salads @ restaurants are always so good. (I had put shredded lettuce, cherry tomatoes, a bit of cheddar cheese, raw broccoli & boiled egg in my salad)
She - It's probably the dirt. (She's very paranoid, have I mentioned that?)
Me - Well, then next time I make a salad @ home I won't wash my hands. Maybe drop some of the stuff on the floor before I pick it up and put it in my salad.
She - Gross!

Coconut Cream PieThen I had my first ever piece of Coconut Cream Pie. I only tried it because they didn't have Blackberry Cobbler that I usually get at the other Sizzlin.

OMG it was so good.

So I had my second ever piece of Coconut Cream Pie, LOL.

As we were driving home I was talking about The Boy driving me insane & other stuff.

When I dropped her off @ her house, she said "You talked more today than you usually do. Usually we barely speak in the car."

Me - I drank caffeine today. If I were home, I'd be cleaning everything in sight, LOL.
She - Well, it didn't bother me. I'm just not used to you talking so much.

To answer your questions JJHF Peeps, no, she didn't drive me crazy today. Perhaps I didn't give her a chance with all my talking. Perhaps I was in a good mood since Xanax was still coursing through my system.

Or maybe we're both mellowing with age. :-)

That is all! Have a nice weekend!


  1. You sound as if you had a really good day!!! loverly ...... now make sure that boy looks after himself ....... [feeling peckish now]

  2. DP - You would think I wouldn't have to nag The Boy to do things that are good for his health, or odor.

    But, apparently teenage hormones make a boy think he's too tough to take a damn breathing treatment...


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