Saturday, June 06, 2009

Yay. (Can you hear my excitement?)

Feeling PMSing


uess who came home yesterday @8:30 pm.

"He did give me several hugs last night. Maybe he did miss me?"

I was enjoying computer time when someone banged on my door 3 times really hard. Like the flipping police.

Me - Who is it?

I couldn't hear the answer because the air conditioning was on and I was too far away from the door. But I had left the front door locked in case The Flipping Boy came home and I didn't want to get up.

So they (Evan and MD) came in.

MD - He said he missed you.
Me - No he didn't, he missed to computer.
MD - I'm just kidding. He didn't say that.
Me - Uh huh, I know.

I told MD that if she'd get a computer, he'd stay longer, LOL.

So she stayed for a while and we talked about Taken.

She - Have you seen the movie yet?
Me - Blank stare
She - What does that look mean?
Me - If I say "No", can I keep it?
She - Oh, I'm not going to take it. I've already seen it 3 times. I've never done that before with a movie!
Me - I know. I blogged about it.

Now, not only is she paranoid about having her face on my blog, but she's paranoid about how she is being portrayed.

HoneyBunsShe - Did you tell people that Mommy Dearest took you out for Kentucky Grilled Chicken, or did you just say you went?
Me - I always tell when you take us out, or me out. I can read you the blog post. Then I can read you the one I wrote today about how I wished Evan didn't come home until Monday.
She - HAAAAAA! Well, I had a whole list of stuff for us to do, but he stayed up all night and slept until 3 o'clock this afternoon. We didn't get to do anything on my list. And next time you go to Wal-Mart, get me a loaf of bread because The Turkey (Evan) ate all mine up.
Me - Now you know how I feel, LOL.
She - All my HoneyBuns are missing too...
Me - He's a growing boy, AKA Food Hoover.
She - Anyway, all day I was thinking that today was Saturday. He screwed me up spending the night on a Thursday.
Me - Well, I enjoyed washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen knowing that it wouldn't get messed up again until he got home.

Seriously, he was home 5 minutes and he had a hot pocket. He left the cellophane wrapper on the counter, instead of in the trash. He later cooked a TV dinner and left the flipping box on the stove.

Right now, there's an empty tv dinner container, 2 hot pocket wrappers and several paper towels all over the place.

Because of HIM.


The break was nice.

He did give me several hugs last night.

Maybe he did miss me?


He was trying to block me from getting to the computer.


  1. Yours won't stay out and mine won't stay home. He was home from school exactly 45 minutes yesterday before he ran out to his friend's house until 9:30. He came in the door, went to his room, shut and locked the door and I didn't see him again until he got up at the crack of noon today. It's like having a very expensive house guest.

  2. My Mum has the other extreme - my brother stays home nearly all the time apart from when he goes to work. So he goes to work from 8ish till 6pm then comes home and spends all evening and all weekend (apart from sunday morning when he goes to church and maybe one trip out with his best friend) playing xBox or watching films

  3. DG - LMFAO @ "crack of noon". He used to always bug me about going outside. Now he always bugs me to get off the computer.


    Hannah - Well, the good thing about him staying home is that I know he's not using drugs or impregnating some whore. I should look on the bright side more, LOL.

  4. Have I mentioned lately how much I love you?? lol

    I swear it's the name. Evan and I just had a whopping fight about a) stealing all my flipping Coke (NOTICE: not my "coke" - altho I would be totally justified with all the craziness inflicted on me by said Evan...but he'd probably just steal that, too)...and b) then leaving the cans all OVER the stinkin' house. He countered me by saying, "They match all the rest of the trash I have decorating the place - now be gone, Old Lady!" (Oh yes, he did.)

    And he seriously wonders why, now that he's finally 16, I won't let him get his license??

    There's no justice. ;)

  5. Queen - Last night I made Evan get up several times to pick up his trash and put it in the garbage. Next time I went to the bathroom, he had not flushed it (*hurl). So I asked if his not flushing the toilet was in protest for having to pick up his trash.

    He said yes.

    If I hadn't had to use the bathroom so bad, I would have made him flush it, LOL.

    Yes, I have done that before, gotten him up from wherever he was just to make him flush the toilet.

    Disgusting Evans.

    Have you noticed how many shows have characters named Evan lately? There's another one on Royal Pains.

    Which is what our Evans are, apparently. ;-P

  6. ROFLOL You crack me up girl! I'm so glad I have you - you make the "Evan ride" tolerable...and a helluva lot more fun! xx


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