Friday, June 05, 2009

Evan is the reason for my insomnia

Feeling Surprised


o, Wednesday evening Mommy Dearest took us out for Kentucky Grilled Chicken. In case you are wondering, KGC is soooooo gooooooood. I tweeted about it.

I got a retweet from the colonel:
KFC Retweeted Me

Whatever, this isn't about the delicious Kentucky Grilled Chicken that I can't stop thinking about.

It's about Evan. Or rather, what the lack of Evan has done for my sleeping.

If you follow me on twitter, you will remember that I tried unsuccessfully to wake Evan up from 12:45 until 4, when he finally got up. He made 2 sandwiches with the ground pork, beef, onions & garlic that I had made for spaghetti and then I set him walking to his Nana's house.

"Not that I don't love him and shit."I wanted him to get up (and out) because I was looking forward to having the computer all to myself for a while. *snicker* didn't want him staying up at her house until 7 am and then sleeping until dinner time.

So anyway, after he left, I thought I was going to spend the entire time on Spymaster.


I took a nap. Quite a long nap. Like from 5-10pm or something.

I missed all my usual shows. The Listener premiered, So you think you can dance was on, other stuff I watch. I slept so much that my DVR was crowded.

So when I woke up, I tried to watch stuff. I kept falling asleep.

I finally gave up @ 1am and went to sleep. I woke up at 9:45 or so this morning.

My back hurts.

I deduced that I sleep much better without Evan constantly making noises, cooking in the microwave, dropping shit, breaking the computer desk, standing right beside me to "see if I'm asleep", whispering to ask me if I'm asleep, flicking me with water after he (thankfully) washes his hands, etc.

He's the reason for my xanax prescription, the reason for my stress, and therefore, my reason for insomnia.

Not that I don't love him and shit.


But I need the break that school provides.

OMG. I'm not going to call him or MD. Even though we have to do the laundry. I don't care. I'm going to see how long she keeps him.

*fingers crossed that I don't hear from them until at least Monday*


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  1. We all need some alone time. Besides, (almost) every moment with a teenager, at least with mine anyway, is spent engaged in discussion about what they want, pursuit of what they want, and engaged in what they have gotten. It's exhausting. That's why I take off every now and again for Atlantic City. There are no kids in AC, just gambling, drinking and general debauchery. Some day I'll blog about opening day at the water club, though I think we may still be "Wanted" so I might have to keep in on the DL for a while ;). Enjoy the quiet.

  2. I had to read the first bit twice as KGC is KFC over here lol - did they change the name for a reason?

  3. DG - We certainly do!

    Angel - They didn't change the name. It's still KFC, but since I got Grilled chicken, I changed it to KGC. :-)

  4. Just another one of those lovely parenting things that no one tells you about before you have kids. If you're any kind of light sleeper, you're in for, not months of newborn sleeplessness, but YEARS of insomniac hell...

  5. For starters, I am loving the shit out of this new layout. Love it love it love it.

    Second of all, I loooooved KGC, but everyone else was like, meh, it's ok. Are they crazy!?!?!

    Finally, you are still one of the funniest people I know, and I love it.

    And omg, I can not comment under who I really am! So, yeah... I love this layout slightly less now. LOL.

  6. Monique - (((((((((MOOOOONIIIQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)))))))

    Thanks, I kind of like the new layout too.

    Those people sticking to the KFC instead of converting to the KGC are so 2000 and late. ;-p

    Why can't you comment under who you really are?
    I don't understand what the layout has to do with that?


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