Saturday, April 18, 2009

There's a lump on my head

lump on the head


he circumference is about the size of a quarter. It's not that high, I don't think. It just HURTS.

I noticed it last night when I tried to turn on my side to go to sleep. It hurt like hell. It's hurting now.

I haven't fallen. I haven't been hit in the head. If I was Tracey a hypochondriac, I'd think I have cancer.


I think I need one of those hemorrhoid pillows for my head. Just the part with the lump. It's very hard to fall asleep when I'm used to sleeping on one side and I can't. :-(

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Did I tell you about the caterpillars that are attracted to MY back door and no one else's?

caterpillar invasion

I counted 13 at the highest yesterday. I haven't checked yet.

Ok, I don't see any. They must have succeeded in climbing all the way up to cocoon themselves.

I remember once I worked at a building that had a ladybug invasion, but only on one side.

Animals are weird.
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