Thursday, February 05, 2009

I almost gave MD a heart attack today


ave I been blogging a lot lately?

It feels like it...

Anyway, at 3:30 today, Evan wasn't home. He usually gets home @ 3:24. So I called MD:

Me - Is Evan over there?
MD - Today is WEDNESDAY!
Me - I know what day it is. But I thought maybe Evan thought it was Thursday because he's not here. I thought he went to your house by mistake. (He goes there on Thurs & waits for my brother to pick him up so they can play Wii or actual basketball)
MD - He's not home?!?!
Me - No. Maybe the bus broke down.
MD - Well call me back!

So I got up and looked out the door. I saw no kids. Had the bus run, there'd have been kids on the playground. I sat down to finish eating my breakfast/lunch while listening for the bus and watching Leverage.

I was about to call the school to ask if a bus broke down when, simultaneously, the phone rang & Evan came in the door.

MD - Did you find him?
Me - He's here.
MD - How did he get there? What happened?
Me - *putting the phone on speaker* What happened?
Evan - The bus had a flat tire.
Me - I didn't hear the bus.
MD - How did he get home?!?!
Evan - OC (Favorite Cousin's Uncle) brought me home, I didn't ride the bus.
MD - Oh! *relieved sigh* You know I get nervous and he wasn't there and he wasn't here. I was wondering where he was.
Me - You're not supposed to get nervous unless I'm nervous. I thought I told you that before.
MD - Well, I can't help it.
Me - I wasn't nervous, I just thought he'd gotten on the wrong bus or that the bus broke down. He's only 15 minute late, it wasn't time to worry yet, LOL.
MD - Busdriver's bus doesn't normally break down, so I couldn't figure out what happened. (Evan's bus driver & my mother know each other from church & thangs)

What's funny to me is that she thinks she's all in control and shit. She had already called my cell phone & then called Evan's cell phone when I didn't answer mine...

She's just like her mother. Nervous as hell. Just not deaf.


I don't want to be that way when I'm a senior citizen...

Maybe I won't be. She says I'm just like my dad.

So I'll take 10 minutes to think about how to answer a question before I answer, making people wonder if 1) I've fallen asleep with my eyes open or B) That I never heard the question in the first place and be a coffee addict when I'm a senior citizen.

I can deal with that, I reckon. :-)

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