Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I can't stand the rain


think that's why my effing knees have been hurting so bad these last 2 weeks.

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I tried a sample of Biore Daily Facial Scrub and my skin looked so smooth I was inspired to put on makeup. I didn't even put on any foundation or powder because my skin looked so smooth. I just did my eyes and my lips (I took the picture after I got back, so I just have Chap Stick on now.) It's been so long since I last wore makeup, I've forgotten how to put it on.


My eyes are jacked up, LOL. Plus I didn't put on contacts before I did the makeup, so the liner is uneven & whatnot. Whatever.

Anyway, MD & I went to Wal-mart today. My greeter told me that I looked good today.

Me - Thank you!
She - I've never seen you with makeup on before.
Me - Well, I don't normally wear it. But my mother always says I should. So this is her Christmas present for the year, LOL.
She - I think you look pretty either way.
Me - So do I!
She - Well, the makeup just makes your eyes pop more.
Me - I agree. (It sounds so conceited when I read it. I mean, I am conceited, but I didn't say it the way it reads.)

That is exactly why I don't wear makeup all the time. Sometimes it's just nice to get a compliment. When I don't wear makeup that often, I get the compliments. When I used to wear it almost every day, everyone thought I was sick if I didn't wear it.

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We went to Wal-mart because MD wanted to get the ingredients for something she had at a Christmas party. Did you know there's a place where you can search for recipes by ingredient? I didn't. But now I do. Because she brought one of the things home so that I could try to figure out the ingredients. I have a better palate than I thought. She thought it was peanut butter. I knew it was butterscotch morsels. :-)

She could not find the chow mein noodles or the butterscotch morsels by herself. Then I had to search for a shirt for Evan's favorite cousin for X-mas & some shoes for Evan. What would she have done without me? Wander around for an hour trying to find everything?

Then we went for Chinese food. There was a baby in there who was so well behaved and happy. She reminded me of when Evan was a baby and we could take him anywhere and not worry about him disturbing the other patrons. That little girl (I guess it was a girl) was so smiley. :-)

No, the picture of the baby is not the baby I saw today, but they look similar.

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MD was in the mood for Christmas Music, she said. What she meant was "I'm in the mood for this one song over and over again." Luckily, I can stand the song. It was "Silent Night" by The Temptations.

The entire time I was in the restaurant, I was humming the damned song. So I have to listen to other shit so that my mind will be on something else besides "Silent Night" all day.

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I know you've heard about the reporter who threw a shoe and President Bush by now. EVERYONE has talked about it.

Who knew that W had the reflexes of a cat?

That is all.

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