Monday, December 08, 2008

Conversation with Evan

Surprise, Evan!


e had this convo while MD was over seeing her babies (Al Green & the baby with Dennis Haysbert.)

He was basically trying to get on my nerves. I was reading while MD talked to herself about how to use the computer. He can't stand being ignored if he can't be on the computer, nodamene?

E - Mama, do you love me?
Me - You know I love you, boy.
E - Do you like me?
Me - Sometimes.
E - Do you always like me?
Me - No, not always.
E - Do you sometimes like me?
Me - Yes.
E - Do you ever always like me?
Me - No.
E - Do you ever always not like me?
Me - No. Do you love me?
E - I guess.
Me - You know you love me, boy. Do you like me?
E - Sometimes.
Me - Do you ever not like me?
E - When you have PMS.
MD - He means he always loves you, but sometimes he doesn't like you.
Me - We already covered love.
MD - Oh, I didn't hear that.
Me - That's why you shouldn't inject your comments if you don't know what we're talking about.
E - Yeah.
MD - I don't like either of y'all.
Me & E - *Fake crying*
MD - But I love Prince Evan.
Me - He's only Prince Evan at your house. In my house, he's "The Boy".

We told her about how Spencer Douchebag calls his Nana "Queen Nana". (I saw it on "The Soup". NO, I do not watch The Hills!)


We spent all weekend watching Hancock & Wanted. Mayhap I will give quick reviews on both of them later in the week.

But hasn't everyone seen them already?

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