Saturday, November 29, 2008

Evan came home early.


o, not because he missed me.

He missed the computer. He was having PC withdrawals. He WOKE ME UP FROM A NAP because he wanted to watch some game walkthroughs.

Anyway, MD got a new TV. She was going to get it from my brother's place of work, but it was cheaper at Wal-Mart. By $1.


Anyway, she and Evan stayed up until 1 am watching Hancock (I haven't seen it yet.)

She came over & wanted to see the Fat Guy doing the splits and Shane Mercado again.

Then she wanted to see what I'd said about her & Evan while he was at her house for the past 3 days.

Me - Did you watch "The View" today?
She - No, why?
Me - They were talking about how paranoid people are. I thought of you. You think everyone is talking about you and I keep telling you that most people have so much shit going on in their lives that they don't think about anyone else for more than 30 seconds, but anyway, you can read it.

So then I said "Oh, you should look at my baby with Hugh Laurie."

Then she wanted to see what a baby with her & Al Green would look like. It didn't work out. No idea why. But I did one with Dennis Haysbert and it worked out ok.

She's all: So my face is going to be on the computer?
Me - Miss Paranoia, no one will know it's you unless I tell them. I'll delete it from my computer and my phone when it's done. OMG.

So that's why you can't see Mommy Dearest.

Because she's paranoid.

And I'm going to let her read this.


Seeeeeeeee, someone can probably do some reverse engineering and take out all of Dennis Haysbert's traits and figure out what you look like, Mommy.


Remember to put in your will that when you die I want the silver jewelry just in case a stalker figures out what you look like and where you live from this Routan Baby...

Anyway, they were both talking me to death.

Talking at the same time.

Me - Boy. Get my medicine thingee.
Evan - What thingee? The aspirin?
Me - NOOOOOOOO, the long thingee with the days of the week on it. See? I haven't taken a xanax since you've been gone and now the second you get back I need one. It was so peaceful here.
MD - You got 3 days off, but I had to talk for 3 days. And cook because Prince Evan wanted breakfast
Me - *snort*


I'm glad my baby is back.

So I can make him turn down the heat or whatever and I don't have to get up, LOL.

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