Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008


here to begin?

On Wednesday, 12/24 we went to MD's house and had the dinner that is usually reserved for Christmas. She cooked chicken & dumplings, dressing, green bean casserole and probably something I don't remember. My grandmother ALWAYS cooks chicken & dumplings on Christmas, so we were told not to tell her that we'd had it at MD's house.

I wrapped most of MD's presents that she'd gotten for other people because I like to wrap.

Then she let Evan open on of his presents from the school. It turned out to be a yo-stick.

Then we went home and I did not sleep all night. I think I fell asleep at about 8am, so I wrote Evan a note that said "DO NOT wake me up. Don't talk to me until the alarm goes off." I had set the alarm for 12pm.

When I woke up at about 10am to use the bathroom, he said:

Evan - When are we going to Nana's?
Me - When I feel like it.
Evan - I want to go now.
Me - Bye!
Evan - Well, I'll call her first and let her know.

So he walked to Nana's. I slept until 12:15ish and then took a shower & whatnot. Went to Nana's and they (Evan & MD) pulled up right behind me.

Apparently, Evan had opened his gifts and just wanted to go home and play with the present I got him (StarWars: Jedi Outcast II) but they pulled up to the front of my house and saw MD's sister and they started talking while I was in back of my house getting ready to leave. :-)

Evan got a lot of clothes & stuff & money from MD & the school. He also got a bunch of Artemis Fowl books and another book called "Do hard things" from MD's other daughter.

I got money & 2 pair of sleep pants and a nightgown (I love sleep pants. They are my uniform when I'm not going outside.)

Then we went to my grandmother's house. She had made ME a chocolate cake (She makes caramel for everyone else. But I don't eat caramel, so she always makes chocolate for me. I don't know what her recipe for icing is, but it's soooooo good. I love her chocolate cakes.) I took about a quarter of the cake home. Didn't have any chicken & dumplings. She said that she's never cooking like that again since no one will eat it. Poor thing. Evan got more money.

Then we got home & Evan looked up cheats for the game and started playing it. I wanted to play it for real. The way it's supposed to be played. He doesn't.

I don't understand how it's fun to play when you're invincible and you already have all the weapons & stuff. What is the goal if everything is already given to you???

So I try to play by myself, but of course he decides that he needs to play as soon as he sees me having fun. I guess I will have to wait until school starts again before I can play the game without him backseat playing. *sigh*

Evan had said that he wanted to spend his money online to get some action figures that they don't have at Wal-mart. But, of course, it was a different story with the money burning a hole in his pocket. He spent it all (except $5) at Wal-mart the other day.

I have been feeling sick. Like I need to vomit, but I never do. I haven't been getting much sleep either. Like 2 hours and then I just lay there wanting to throw up but not being able to. :-(

I don't know when I'll next update my blog. I didn't even want to update today.


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