Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008


van has been gone since Tuesday after school.

He came yesterday to ask me if he could stay with MD another night.

Me - Why did you even come back to ask me that?
Evan - We tried to call you.
Me - I turned the phones OFF so that people wouldn't interrupt my napping.
Evan - Well, I have to get some pants because I accidentally grabbed yours.
Me - Fine. Take your key so I don't have to get up when you come home.

Today I got a call

Evan - Helleeerrrrr (Madea Greeting)
Me - Hellerrrrr
Evan - Do you miss me?
Me - *insincere*


Evan - Do you want me to come home?
Me - If you want to.
Evan - Well, I don't.
Me - Fine.
MD - We were just calling to make sure you weren't missing your baby too much.
Me - Not really.
Them - *laughing*
MD - Well, ok then.
Me - I want him back tomorrow evening so that I can make sure he's not sick and we can do the laundry on Sunday. (He always seems to get sick when he spends the night with my mother. I don't know why.)
MD - Fine! Do you want to say goodbye to your baby?
Me - Bye, Baby.

I know it's probably not the PC thing to say (like I've ever cared about being PC), but I haven't missed him at all, LOL.

I've enjoyed the break!

I've been able to clean up and not have it messed up 5 minutes later.

I haven't had to say anything over and over and over and over and over and over, etc.

I haven't had to cook.

I haven't tripped over any freaking action figures.

I haven't had to listen to stories about kids I don't know.

If I didn't think he'd wait until Saturday night to catch pneumonia, I wouldn't make him come back until Sunday.

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I haven't had to put up with ANY of my relatives.

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