Sunday, October 19, 2008

These damned kids just won't let me sleep!


t's about 65 today. Finally I can leave my doors and windows open and air out my house.

It started with Evan.

When he wants me to stay asleep, so that I won't wake up and tell him to do something, he's extremely quiet. I mean, he can cook something and I don't even hear it.

Today? I didn't even have my ear plugs in and he's all

Me - Whatever, just go!

So he throws his shoes down the stairs, opens the door to see how cold it is, slams the door, puts on his shoes and then slams the door again on his way out.

It's so nice and cool in here with the back door open.

Then Flavor Flav (my neighbor) has his kids over so they're out back screaming at each other and they keep waking me up.

I'm trying to sleep through Throwdown with Bobby Flay and then Iron Chef America.


They have NO CONSIDERATION for just how much I love to sleep when I know I shouldn't be sleeping because it will make it harder for me to get to sleep at night when I'm supposed to sleep.

So, yeah. When Evan came to the back door to get his football so that he can break another bone he and his cousin can play, I locked it and closed the blinds.

Him *from outside, to cousin* - I guess I'll have to go to the front, then.
Me *from inside* - Yeah, I guess you will!



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