Thursday, October 23, 2008

I can't think of a title for this post


he other day, someone knocked on my door and asked me to move my car (I park RIGHT behind my back door) because they're putting aluminum siding on the roofs here. Ours was the last bldg.

Because the workmen parked their ginormous truck where I'd otherwise have parked my car, I had to park it waaaaaaaaaay back. I also had to bring my walker in because walking 20 feet without holding onto something isn't a big deal, walking 100 feet without holding onto something means I'm more likely to fall because my knee decides to give out or I trip over something.

That's not even the point.

The other day when I went out to go to Wal-Mart and I was manuvering my walker out of the door, someone said:

Him - You need any help?
Me - No, I've got it. Thanks.
Him - You don't even remember me, do you?
Me - *Looking at him* Djimon! (Not his real name, but that's who he looks like so we'll go with that)

So, we talked briefly while I'm walking to my car. He said "You were real smart in HS, but you'd never let us copy."


So I was thinking, later that day "OMG he looks so good." Age has been good to him. He's about 5'3" but he looks like Djimon Hounsou. For whatever reason, blogger will not let me upload the picture.

I spend the few hours after that thinking "Damn! I should have been friendlier!" In HS I was a virgin. Those days are long gone and I NEED to have sex again before I die so I really should have been more "flirtatious". I'm just not good at that. I feel like a dork.

But I felt like he was giving me "signals".

It was the first time I'd seen him since "Flavor Flav" moved in so I figured he didn't come by here that often.

Today I go out to get some sugar and guess who's here?


I wish Flavor Flav's guests wouldn't all sit in the back yard. Every time I see Djimon there are 6 other people out there listening.

I did make a point of speaking to him a little longer and saying "Well, it's good to see you!"


I wish I were a less "shy" than I am.

Good God, he looks good with his short self...


  1. Girllllll walk up to him, put your cellphone number except the last digit in his hand. write it with the areacode so it looks right, but leave off that LAST DIGIT. (it's an Old Trick Honey, and it's never failed me yet. ever)

    make him have to knock on your door to get that last digit. works everytime. trust me, I'm a mistress at these things. and Djimon is Chocolate Lickable Candy in my book. if Kimora evvva act up, ish will be flyin as I'm makin my way to lick that cheek honey. I lovvvvvessss me some sweet chocolate mens. whew! that Djimon is Hot Chocolate Exquisite

  2. If only you could have commented on this when "Flavor Flav" still lived here!

    He moved out and I haven't seen Djimon since.

    But I'll remember that trick for the future, should I ever see his fine ass again. :-)


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