Friday, October 17, 2008

High Five Friday


ere are this week's High Fives in no particular order.

Woogledumplings for "Prevent Global Warming or else..."

Black Woman Thinks for "The Politics of Black Hair".

Stud Kickass for "Who Cares I'm Poor?"

Bass-ically Speaking for "Pat that guitar"

Makes You Laugh for "Lost in Translations"

Blogging Monique Renae for "Fathers be Good to Your Daughters". She really got honest and "bare" in this post. I think it will speak to a lot of people.

The Junk Drawer for "Think Hugh Hefner would be Interested?"

Freaky Frugalite for "Fun Photos"

A Fil-Am Journey for "Have You Seen This? Part II"

Cardiogirl for "It's Touch and Go for Dottie". I remember those days when Evan used to constantly ask me why or how or incessantly and it frustrated the patience out of me, LOL.

Blogsters Guild for "Obama Afro Art 2008" I don't know if I'd go that far for anyone (Even Hugh Laurie), but it's an interesting idea. :-)

Monkey Fables and Tales for "Rules to live by".

Skirmisher for this post. HA!

Memories Frozen in Time for "Air Jordan". Just look at the glee on that boy's face! :-)

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