Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Guess where I was today.


t the Emergency Room.

Evan and his cousin were playing touch football. Evan jammed his right pinkie. Same hand that he fractured last month (or whenever). I figured it was jammed, so I didn't take him to the ER on Monday.

Today I told him to clean up his piss drops in front of the terlet with a Mr. Clean Wipe.

He likes the way the Mr. Clean smells. So he tipped the container back and some of the liquid ended up in his nose. It was burning.

So I figured we needed to go to the ER for that.


2.5 hours to find out that his finger is not fractured, just jammed (like I suspected) and he just needs to sniff some water/saline solution for his nose.


Why can't boys play without getting hurt and why couldn't he just sniff the effing Mr. Clean Wipes without tilting the damed container back over his face????

Anyway, I made some muffins the other day. Took a picture of them because I could. :-)

Evan will not eat them even though it's the same freaking mix that MD used to make her Blueberry Cake.

FINE! More for me.

The ungrateful finger jamming Mr. Clean snorting testosterone having boy drives me batty.

That is all.

Listening to: Run-D.M.C. - You Be Illin' via FoxyTunes

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