Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Guess what Evan told me.



Forget it, you'll never guess.

Evan - Guess what some boy got sent to A school for? (Alternative School - Suspension in a different building that's painted Pepto Bismol pink on the inside, from what I've heard)
Me - No idea.
E - Masturbating in class.
Me - Is he mentally challenged?
E - Not that I've noticed.
Me - Was the teacher male or female?
E - Female
Me - WTF was he thinking? OMG.
MD - (We were on our way to Krystal for dinner) I guess he just couldn't wait.
Me - He couldn't have excused himself to the bathroom? That can be considered sexual harrassment since the teacher was female. OH.MY.GOD.
E - Well, I guess he's "special".
Me - Uh, yeah.


Anyway, here's a picture of Evan that was taken at Krystal with my new camera phone. :-)

The person with all the jewelry & the red hat is MD.

That is all!

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