Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What the hell is happening to my skin???


hen I was younger, I had beautiful NORMAL skin. As I got older, I decided that I needed to start moisturizing my skin so that it would continue to glow. Preventative maintenance, if you will.

The first moisturizers I tried were for "normal" skin. But after a couple of hours, I started looking shiny. This was before the "greasy look" was 'in'. (I think they call it "glowing", but it just looks greasy to me.) So I got the moisturizer with anti-shine. It worked fine. Until recently.

For the past few months, my cheeks are ALWAYS dry. Despite the moisturizer. I got desperate and just put the lotion for my dry ass legs on my face(!!!!!!!!). Still, by the end of the day, my cheeks looked like I had had a bad sunburn and I was peeling.

I have one of those micro dermabrasion thingees & use it once a week (any more, and my face feels like I have sunburn). I use an exfoliating face wash followed by my a tiny bit of regular lotion on a daily basis.

Last night I got desperate after I washed my face with the daily scrub & added lotion. I could still see the dryness. I am so tired of feeling my face cracking. I have dandruff face.

So...I put Vaseline on my face.

Maybe some of you do that anyway? But for me it's like inviting a pimple, LOL.

I use vaseline on my feet (with socks) when they are especially dry. Or if I take too long a shower and lotion just isn't cutting it. But never before have I put it ON MY FACE.

Anyway, I put on just enough to cover the dryness & went to sleep.

I just looked at my face. It looks more like my former face. Whoda thunk it?

All I needed was some good old petroleum jelly.

Stay tuned to find out if I break out like a teenager, LOL.

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