Friday, September 05, 2008

High Five Friday - 9/5/08


ere be the recipients, in no particular order:

For Oops!, Penis Shaped Water Faucet, and Extreme Alternative

Makes You Laugh for Oxygen Mask

Interesting facts for Timex Nail Watch.

Skirmisher for X-ray's wonderful uses #49 and Genital Cleanliness.

The Truth out there for "Peeing on my floor".

Cup O' Joe for his Open Letter to Home Depot.

The Joke Box for the Worst Commercial Ever.

Amy Oops for her Love Interests post.

Want some Cheese with that Whine? for "One of the stupidest things I've ever heard"

Odd Planet for this little tidbit.

iLike Mike for this 911 call.

JC Sacramento for the Pic of the Week. I wonder how many sinus infections that dude gets per year?

Happy Moments...Happy Thoughts for her Funny Kids Pictures. :-)

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