Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I can't wait until Friday to post this!


don't know about you, but I'd never heard of Saartjie Baartman until yesterday when I was returning Entrecard Drops.

I ended up at Kitty Cleopatra's site and saw this post which contained the following video:

I get so sick of watching women, ALL WOMEN, be whores for a money or 15 minutes of fame. As a black woman, it embarrasses and enrages me when my "sistahs" are in music videos shaking their ass or signing up to be on "Flavor of Love" just for "fame".

Show some pride. If not for yourself, then for all the women who came before you, and all the women who will come after you.

If you want to be a whore/video vixen/half naked pin-up girl, I can't stop you. But I will not applaud or endorse your decision either.

There are better ways to get out of the ghetto than shaking your ass in a 50 Cent video. Your continuing to perpetrate the stereotypes about black women is disgusting and you should be ashamed.

For women of any race, the continuance of perpetrating the belief that women will do anything for money is disgusting.

It's women like that who are changing the entire culture in America to think that it's ok for 13 year old girls to give blow jobs to any little boy who smiles at them at school.

It's men who leave their young children, without a male role model (to tell their daughters what the guys who hear about your slutty acts are really thinking about you and/or tell their sons how to treat & respect a woman), that share the blame.

Shame on all of you!

But I thank Kitty Cleopatra for bringing this part of my history to my attention and to the attention of all of her readers!

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