Monday, July 21, 2008

Hard Candy


found this in the $5 bin at Wal-Mart. Ebert & Roeper gave it 2 thumbs up, so I figured "Why Not?"

I've read some of the reviews on At least one person said it was too preachy.

I disagree.

I enjoyed it immensely! Could be because I'm twisted. But let's assume that I enjoyed it because it really is a great movie.

It starts out with Hayley (Ellen Page), a 14 year old girl, IMing with Jeff Kohlver (Patrick Wilson) who is a 32 year old photographer. They set up a meeting.

Jeff meets Hayley at a nearby coffee shop where he buys her a t-shirt. And lots of chocolate. She flirts with him in her 14 year old way. She finally gets him to agree to take her back to his house.

I don't know anything about Ellen Page as an actress. I haven't seen Juno. I'll probably watch it when it's on TNT or something. But she kicks ass in this role!

Hayley is really smart. Smarter than Jeff thought/hoped, really. She puts Dexter to shame!

Yeah, Dexter the serial killer.


I don't want to tell you anything about this movie because every new twist surprised me, and I want you to be surprised too if you watch it.

I was, literally, on the edge of my seat towards the end. I kept looking at the time remaining wondering how the hell is Hayley going to get what she wants in only 8 minutes??

Buy it. Rent it. Put it in your Netflix queue or whatever. You should see this movie! Ellen Page is awesome & scary/creepy.

I'm going to watch it again.


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