Friday, May 02, 2008

Where's my mama????

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o yesterday I went to Wal-Mart while Evan was still in school. They didn't have any electric carts. I waited for about 30 minutes & then decided to come back at a later time.

Before I forget, last week or something some dude went in to Wal-mart, bought a gun, then shot himself in the parking lot. MD was there. She said he was only 19 (or that's what the bystanders were saying.)

Anyway, today I was feeling pretty decent.

I got out of bed at 10 am & decided to go pay my cable bill & then go back to Wal-Mart because apparently, all the handicapped people shop between 1 pm & 5 pm. The only time I KNOW I'll get a cart is if I go early in the morning or in the middle of the night.

Last week, MD came over every other day to see if I wanted to go for Chinese food. Evan was home, so of course we couldn't go. Anyway, today's Friday and I haven't seen her.

Evan & I went by her house yesterday because he wanted to tell her about his progress report (one C in math, all the rest A's & B's - He now has cable in his room again. He'll get all of his crap back if he has nothing lower than a B on his actual report card.) My least favorite uncle told Evan that she was still at the hospital.

So I told him we'd call her tomorrow (today) and offer to cook dinner for HER because I want to try that Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf recipe.

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After the cable company, I was on my way to the Mart of Wal and I saw MD's car at Bro's workplace. So I pulled in & was going to see if she had stopped by my house to ask me out for Chinese food (Bro works beside the Chinese Restaurant) before she came to get HIM, LOL.

Bro came outside.

Me - Where's my mama?
Bro - She's still in the hospital.
Me - Why is she in the hospital?
Bro - *looking at me like I had 2 heads* They kept her after her appt yesterday.
Me - Oh. Well we went by her house yesterday and Uncle said she was at the hospital, I just assumed she was taking Omah.
Bro - Well they decided to take her to "The City Hospital" for more tests, but she's fine.
Me - Ok.
Bro - Where are you going? Wal-Mart?
Me - *sarcastically* No, I was just stalking MD making sure she wasn't hanging out with some unsavory man.
Bro - *chuckle* All right, then.

So I went to Wal-mart. They bought 2 NEW carts. (It's about frigging time. They had 3 broken ones the last time I was there. I wonder if 500 lb people sit in them and that's why they break so easily?)

I got all the crap for the meatloaf.

And I probably won't feel like making it tonight, LOL.

Maybe tomorrow...

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Last night I rubbed my whole back with that Icy Hot Gel, actually for the last 2 days or whenever my back started hurting.

Probably why I was feeling so good today.

That and the sleeping pill that got me a full 8 hours of sleep. I bought a new one at Wal-mart yesterday. It's called "Sleep Fast"

It looks gross. It's sesame oil (and other crap) with little blue beads inside.

But it worked! I fell asleep in about 30 minutes. I had been watching "The Matrix: Revolutions" (Been on a Matrix kick lately) and I woke up at about 1 am because the menu screen was playing over and over, LOL. I usually remember to set movies to repeat, but last night I forgot.

Actually, I fell asleep at about 5 pm & woke up at 8. We watched Survivor & then I told Evan to go to bed and took the sleeping pills. So what's that? 15 hours of sleep I got? I don't know. I do know that it didn't help my back, LOL.

After sitting in the car for about 30 miles (round trip) & sitting in the cart for an hour at Wal-mart, my back is hurting again.

So more Icy Hot for me! And hopefully more sleep. I love sleep. I love sleep more than I love chocolate.

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