Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Help out my friend & get Entrecard Credits!


received an e-mail today from one of my peeps. He has an Urban Garden & CNN has shown some interest. What he needs is more comments on his story about it to convince CNN to be more interested.

So go read about it & make a lot of comments! 200 EC to the first 10 people who comment (with a real comment, no spam). Send me a message on Entrecard telling me your name (you'll have to create a profile at CNN.com) & about your comment and your Entrecard e-mail address.

Here's his original e-mail:

CNN has contacted me with possible interest in the Urban Garden, mission patches and all. It's almost a Recession Garden of sorts, a place of peace and calm in a crazy world. I posted a little "report" in iReport about it and they emailed me with interest. If y'all could comment to show "interest" that would be very helpful:




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