Monday, May 19, 2008

Fresh from the dentist clean


got a new toothbrush. The Colgate 360° Microsonic Toothbrush.

I'm always trying out new toothbrushes (every 3 months). Evan likes the battery operated kind. I get him the ones with music so he knows that he's brushed long enough.

I could never find one I really liked. Before this one, I tried the Crest Spinbrush Pro. I liked that you could change the heads without having to buy an entirely new toothbrush, but it wasn't really doing it for me. I liked the spinning, but I never really felt like I was getting my entire mouth. It didn't have the coverage that a manual toothbrush would have. And after I brushed my teeth, I'd feel plaque on my back teeth so I'd have to end up trying to get those with a manual toothbrush anyway.

The Colgate Microsonic is shaped exactly like a regular manual toothbrush, so I get the coverage that I want. When you push the little button on the front of the toothbrush, the "microsonic" power kicks in. It's like a little mouth massage. (Does that sound as bad as I think it does?)

Anyway, I love it. Evan wants one now, LOL.

That is all.

**Update** The toothbrush was less than $7 at my Wal-Mart. I don't know about the prices in other places. But I've noticed that I brush longer with this toothbrush because it feels so good. You can also replace the battery so if you're one of those people who use the same toothbrush for 20 years so that you can end up on Oprah, it's a one time investment, LOL.

NOW that's all. ;-)

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