Saturday, April 05, 2008

Remember when you had to lick stamps?

On Thursday, after I picked Evan up from school, I went by the post office to mail the Economic Stimulus Tax Refund things. I couldn't find my "Forever Stamps" (I bought several books when they were first issued. I don't use a lot of stamps so they should last me until the next decade.)

So I sent Evan into the post office to get some stamps from the machine. (Our post office closes at noon on Thursdays. Don't ask me why. But when I first moved here 20 years ago, EVERYTHING closed early on Thursdays. Need some milk? Sucks for you! You should have gotten to the store before noon!)

Anyway, he finally came back out with 2 stamps & the envelopes.

E - I can't get these stamps to stick, I tried to peel off the back...
Me - LOL! You have to lick these stamps, baby. These are "old fashioned" stamps before they had the self sticking kind.
E - Oh. I would never have tried that.
Me - LMAO! I know. You're a child of the 21st century.

(He tried the same thing with the envelopes. After he signed his Tax Return, he told me that the flap wouldn't stick, LOL.)

That's so funny when I tell Evan about TVs with no remote or how when I was a kid at first there were ONLY 3 channels. Then we got HBO & MTV, but not much else. And TV went OFF at around midnight. You couldn't watch it all night long like you can these days.

I guess he feels about like I did when my mother told me about the things she used to do for fun as a kid (braiding grass like it was hair or rolling people in tires down a big hill).

So funny how times change and we never think about it until our child is faced with something he's never seen before, LOL.

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