Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Odd. That's it. Just Odd.


o last night I got a message on Entrecard from a blogger who shall remain nameless.

The picture on the Entrecard is of a woman, so I assumed it was a she. Basically she asked me if I was crazy because my Entrecard looks like my head is about to explode, but the picture when I comment is of me smiling.

I told her that to my knowledge, I am not crazy, but I do like the avatar better than seeing my face all over the place.

We exchanged a few messages.

"She" started talking about a dog. And a man. Confused the hell out of me. I went to bed.

This morning I got another message again asking me to tell a little more about myself & explain if I'm schizo or what. (I wish I hadn't deleted all the messages so you could see for yourself how ODD they were.)

Oh, I just found my sent messages. You can get at least one side of the conversation. I will try to fill in what I think she or he or the dog said. (?? stands for blogger of unknown species or sex)

?? - Sorry it took me so long to reply to your comment on my blog. Are you Angelika2 as well?
#1 - Thanks for sending me a message. Yes, Angelika2 is me too. :-)
?? - Are you schizophrenic? Because your Entrecard is screaming at me but your comment photo is smiling.
#2 - LMFAO! Not that I know of, LOL.
?? - Well I am confused. I want to know the real you. I'd be interested in why you have that screaming face as your avatar. Are you the nice person who commented or the crazy person I'm looking at now?
#3 - I just like the avatar on my Entrecard.

I get tired of seeing my actual face all over the place (my blog, my profile, entrecard, mybloglog, & all the networking sites).

And I feel like sometimes I rant/go a little crazy on my blog so the psycho avatar fits, LOL.

But I do try to be nice when I'm commenting on other people's blogs. It's a bit like going to someone's house and then being rude. I don't like it when it's done to me, so I try not to do it to other people.

?? - Please answer me. The dog wants to understand.

#4 - What ARE you talking about? I gave you the answer to your question!

?? - **Actual reply**
"Yes. Of course you had answered me already.

Was only trying to get to know the lady a little better. She seemed so intriguing to him. Potential new friend. But too clumsy, that silliness. Sorry.

No stalk. Nothing to see on her blog that tells him anything about her anyway.

Leaving now. Hope she comes again sometime, though. :)

Perhaps if she comes again she will find and read his blog's list of author-contributors and feel somewhat safer with that knowledge.

Thanks again."

I think the Unnamed Blogger is a bit schizto him or her or it's self. Or is it just me?

BRB - I have to move the car so they can cut the grass...

I'm back.

Did you miss me?

Anyway, about an hour ago, MD came over to tell me that the school nurse had called her because Evan was having an asthma attack.

So I packed up his nebulizer & went to school. He & the nurse met me outside, I didn't even have to get out. I told her that I had brought his nebulizer so he could take his treatment & stay at school, but she was too tentative & said I'd have to bring him back after he'd had his treatment.


If I take him to the doctor, they will give him the same treatment I could have given him at school. Why should I pay for that?

And I'm not going BACK. I've had to go out every day for the past 5 fucking days and I'm sick of it. I just want to lay on my bed & watch "Silence of the Lambs" or read "Cross" & then nap.

I think the fact that I've had to spend so much money on my geedee car & I've had to go somewhere every effing day instead of staying home being my usual lazy self is negating the effects of my anti depressant. I am in a constant state of pissosity. I feel like I have PMS, but I don't. :-(

Evan just asked me if I was mad that I had to pick him up at the school.

Me - No, I'm not mad.
Evan - At least I didn't stay there and they had to call an ambulance or something.
Me - Yeah. I'm glad you're not dead, baby.

I AM irritated that he refuses to take his effing allergy pills in the morning (he says they make him sleepy) which causes him to react so violently to the pollen in the air.

If he'd just -



I'm going to eat a Blueberry Nutrigrain bar & watch "The Riches".


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