Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mommy Dearest came over yesterday


he needed me to add some minutes to her phone.

I was asleep. (I feel like I slept all day yesterday. Until 3 am when I woke up every hour...)

All I know is that I was asleep, ear plugs in, pillow over my head (to block the light) and the next thing I know Evan's pulling out my ear plug and saying:

Evan - Nana's here. She needs you to add some minutes to her phone.
Me - Does it need to be done today?
Evan - She needs it before the 17th.
Me - I'll go over there tomorrow and do it.

Then, of course, I couldn't get back to sleep. No idea why I was so tired yesterday.

But after waking up every hour last night, I was so ready for Evan to get the hell out this morning & stop waking me up to ask if I wanted him to wear a coat or delete Rob & Big or whatever else he said. @ 7:01 I was like "GET OUT! Take your saxophone!"

So I gave up trying to sleep at about 9 this morning. Still kept waking up every effing hour.

So I called MD.

MD - Hello?
Me - Helloooooeeeerrrrrr, are you home?
MD - No, I'm at Wal-mart.
Me - Well, I was going to add minutes to your phone, but if you're not there then I guess I can't.
MD - How could I answer my home phone if I wasn't at home?
Me - I was joking.
MD - I was too.
Me - Well I'll be there in 5 minutes.

So I went to her house & added the minutes.

If you have a Net10 phone, you're familiar with the computer voice (CV). (It's a rather nice male voice)

CV - Before we get started, I need to know your birth date.
Me - Why?
CV - *pause* Ok, now we're ready to add minutes to your phone.

Why do they need anyone's birth date? Let's say I bought the phone. And I bought the card to add more minutes. Why do they need my birth date? I know it's probably some marketing research, but I just don't feel the need to tell any and all of my (or MD's) information no questions asked. Screw you. Just add the geedee minutes so I can hang up already.

So after that, I was about to leave.

MD - You're leaving me already?
Me - You said you have a sinus headache. I only came because I said I would.
MD - Well sit down, because I have some stuff for Evan.

He'd left his shampoo & some underwear over there last time he spent the night (in 2007), she bought him a new shirt that says "Most of the people who drive me crazy are my family."

MD - I was going to buy one for myself too & the next time we go out together we could both wear them.

Yes. It's kind of odd, but most of the time when we all go out together, one of us is wearing the same color that she is. I don't know why. Sometimes Evan & I happen to be wearing red or green and then when MD shows up, she is too.

She also bought a U of A hat just like his so when they go out together, they have matching hats.

When I was a kid, she used to sew & she would make matching outfits for me & my sister (She was still my sister then) even though my sister is 9 years older than I am.

She's all in to matchy matchy.


So we talked about Deion & Pilar, Big Brother, some other crap, and I was finally able to leave at about 1 pm.

Then I came home, dropped some cards, found a blog that had links to free screensavers & now my screensaver is FIRE (I'm a pyromaniac) instead of the star field that it was before.

It even has the crackling fireplace noises! But I had to turn off the lame Enya music that they played along with it. You have the option to play your own music if you want to, but I don't want anything playing, I just need the screensaver. I like the way it just sets whatever is on your desktop on fire.

Now I have to eat something. I'm debating whether I want an omelette or shrimp noodles. Maybe I'll make a shrimp omelette.

Not really.

Just the thought of that makes me want to hurl.


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