Thursday, April 17, 2008

I watched the Obama-Clinton Debate


n DVR, obviously. I couldn't sit for 2 hours straight watching commercials.

Clinton demonstrated that she does have more experience campaigning. She was very well rehearsed prepared.

Obama seemed much less comfortable & fluent answering the questions than he does when he gives a speech. It was interesting. And I finally 'got' the impression that they do of him on Saturday Night Live with the stilted speaking. He did not come across well in that respect, IMO.

But he did come across as more truthful than Clinton.

She kept referring to "The '90s". What she really meant was "When my husband was president." Interesting how she tries to distance herself from Bill at the same time as use the "Clinton Legacy" to her advantage.

Look, I think she's a liar.

I'm not even talking about how she was "under sniper fire" when she went to Bosnia.

I'm talking about that Tom Cruise smile of hers. Like when Stephanopoulos (or Gibson?) asked her if she'd be willing to use Dubya's advice during her administration. She did the 'Cruise Smile' and said she'd have to think about it.

C'mon Hilary, I think even George HW Bush would admit that his son is an idjit & he wouldn't ask him for any advice on running an effing country.


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I think both candidates tried to inform us of the other's short comings sling a little mud. But neither lost their cool.

I have to admire Obama for not rolling his eyes and saying "Look, I've answered this effing question before. Can we move on?"

The hosts (what are they called? Referees?) of the debate, Charles Gibson & George Stephanopoulos did NOT go easy on Obama. (I didn't watch any other debates, I only know what I saw on SNL about them going easy on him.) They didn't go easy on Clinton either, for that matter. They were both kind of adversarial.

I'm just so sick of this. No more debates. No more polls. Let everybody have their primaries next Tuesday so we know who the Democratic nominee is, please.

Here's an interesting link to one reporter's opinion of the debate.

That is all.

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