Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Entrecard encourages child abuse!


ot literally. Obviously. I don't condone or encourage child abuse in any form or fashion (unless the child in question tries to steal your chocolate when you're PMSing. Then feel free to smack said child upside the back of the head with an open hand...)

But...um...a few times I've made The Boy drop cards for me.

Evan - Can I go to Neopets?
Me - If you drop on all those sites I have open first.
Evan - How about no?
Me - Then NO!
Evan - FINE!


Me - Go to bed.
Evan - I'm not even sleepy!
Me - I'll let you stay up if you drop cards on all the sites I have open now.
Evan - I don't want to.
Me - Goodnight.
Evan - *sigh* FINE!

That's not bad though, I read a blog today where she(?) had to pay her niece to drop for her.


No pay.

I'm not breaking any laws if the child I make work for me is my own, right?

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