Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Deion & Pilar


onight was the premier episode of Deion & Pilar on the Oxygen Network.

Deion being the former pro football corner back (?) and baseball player, Deion "Prime Time" Sanders. Pilar being his wife, a former model and now a stay at home mom of 5 (3 with Deion & 2 from his former relationship.)

So the show starts with Pilar asking Deion to help her make up the bed. He refuses. He says he has to get ready to "work" (Picking winning teams for the weekend football games.) She makes a bet with him that she can do what he does & if she wins, he has to help her make the bed for a whole week.

Also in the episode was his older daughter Deiondra's first date.

Pilar won the bet. She picked 70% winners & Deion picked about 60% winners. He said he wasn't making the bed. One of the funniest moments on the show was when they were at the Rickey Smiley Radio Show:

Radio Person - Don't tell me you're reneging on the bet
Deion - I'm not reneging, I never neged.

HA! (BTW, Deion ended up making 70% of the bed. He left the last 30 for Pilar to make because he said 70% is all he sleeps on since he never rolls over...)

Another funny part was when Deiondra's date showed up. Deion met the poor boy at the door with a bat in his hand. Told the boy to have her back by 9 pm. Then before they left, he prayed. "...and Lord, I know this boy knows right from wrong" *as he sways the bat back and forth in the air*

It's a cute show. Deion is funny. I don't know much about the kids yet. They aren't "Run's House" or "Snoop Dogg's Fatherhood" (although I think Deion does the theme song rap).

I went to the website and it showed 9 minutes of the first episode. Not in the order that it aired, but you can get a decent representation of the show from it.

The only thing I don't get is why Deion needs to ride a Hoverround in his house. Is it really that big? Is he really that out of shape? (Doesn't look like it.)


I'm going to watch the season premier of "Work Out" now.

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