Monday, April 28, 2008

Another crazy dream - 4/28/08

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t started with me pulling into a parking space at some university. It was a handicapped space, but it was on a steep incline & it was very far from the entrance.

I went there to see some speech or whatever.

After the speech, as I was walking back to my car, I saw My Favorite Uncle, His Wife & their daughter. We decided to go to the mall to get something to eat before we drove home (it was a drive of several hours.)

While we were waiting to get into the mall, I saw a couple that I'd met when I first came to that university. We recognized each other. I also saw a lady with a stroller full of puppies. They were cute. Not the kind of dog I would want, but all puppies are cute. So I was playing with the puppies.

Then there was this old, ugly dog that kept trying to get me to pet it and it was so ugly that it was grossing me out.

We finally got in. We decided to use the bathroom before we ate. We started standing in a line that was at least 20 deep. When I got to the front, I found that it was a hair salon...

So I found another line that was extremely long. The attendant told us that while we were waiting, we could clean the sinks.

I'm standing there cleaning this disgusting sink with what looked like years of crusted on soap scum & whatnot with a high powered jet of water. Suddenly, I started thinking "Why the hell am I cleaning this sink? This is not my job!"

So I decided to leave & I'd use the bathroom at a fast food restaurant on my way home.

On my way out of the mall, someone offered me a cookie. It was the BEST cookie I'd ever had. I wanted more, but I wanted to get to my car more than I wanted another cookie.

On my way out, some man at a stand said:
Man - You look like you're having a bad day.
Me - I'd be fine if I could find a bathroom that didn't have a line a mile long.
Man - Here, have some cookies.

He gave me a tray of the delicious cookies. Like a cookie sheet tray. It was free. Then he offered me a tray of cake (petit fours) half were chocolate & half were vanilla.

So I walked away very happy.

Got back to my car.

Woke up.

Now, what sense does that make?

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