Thursday, March 20, 2008


I had another dream that was so realistic that I had to open my eyes to find out that it was a dream.

I woke up at about 6:30 am this morning, which was fine. Because I had slept all night without taking the Sleep MD. It's amazing! Just a week or so of sleeping from midnight to 6 has already gotten my body on a schedule. WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO.

Anyway, I got sleepy at around 11 am so I decided to take a nap.

I dreamed that Evan was telling me about some boy in his gym class and since I couldn't hear with my ear plugs in, I took one out and said "Start all over again because I didn't hear you."

Then when I opened my eyes, I found this note:

I went to Lowe's with Nana & then she's taking me to her house. See you later.
Sonny Jim.

(Yes, I sometimes call him Sonny Jim, among other things.)

Can you buleedat?

They totally left me alone.

Didn't ask if it was ok or anything.

Of course, Evan might have told MD that I'm surfing the Crimson Tide currently so she didn't want to wake me up, LOL.

So I called her house and left this message:

I can't believe you people just LEFT ME like that.

What if I wanted to go to Lowe's? Maybe I need some nails?? AND I was going to ask you, if you came over, to take Evan to the grocery store to get some milk. That was rude.

Sonny Jim, get SKIM MILK. If they don't have that, then go ahead and get 2%. DO NOT GET MAYFIELD in the yellow container no matter what. I am not paying $6 for a gallon of milk.

Bye! *cheery tone of voice*

Now I have to call and see if she actually checked her messages. She talks about me not checking my voice mail, but she never checks her answering machine either.

I'm cold.

Yesterday I had to have the air on. It was 77 degrees. Today it's like 56. AND my back hurts.

I'm out!

*Update* 4:45 pm
MD finally got a Dyson. She will not bring it to my house for me to see how much my non sucking vacuum isn't picking up. Evan is expecting a call from his cousin in ND. So I will see him after that. And they didn't wake me up because:

MD - Who wanted to wake you up just to hear "You could have just left me a note!"

LOL! It's true though. If they had woken me up, I would have been ticked off, LOL.

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