Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am Legend

This movie was so good that I didn't blog about it last night on purpose.

In my excitement, I might have given away too much.

But it is good to see Will Smith going back to Action movies. (The Pursuit of Happyness was a tearjerker & a decent movie, but I got the feeling that it was supposed to get him another Oscar nomination. I'll try not to go into that here, LOL.)

For the ladies. There's a nice scene of Big Willie working out topless. Remember the "Shower Scene" in I Robot? His body looks soooooooo much better in this one.

Wait, let me just think about that body for another minute...

*5 minutes later*

So, yeah. Where was I?

I think everyone knows the premise. Will Smith's character, Robert Neville, is supposed to be the last man on earth.

It starts out with Hugh's Ex-GF (Emma Thompson) allegedly curing cancer. It turns out that she's created a virus that is 90% (or something) lethal. So after it kills 5.4 BILLION people...

We see Neville riding around in his car with his dog hunting one of the many deer that is running wild around New York City. He doesn't get one.

So they go home to have a dinner of spaghetti.

Neville is talking to the dog as if the dog is a child.

Neville tells Sam (the dog) "No, EAT your vegetables, don't just push them around." Next scene shows him giving Sam a bath and saying "Well, if you had eaten your vegetables, we wouldn't be here right now."

The next day, Neville goes to return a DVD. On his way into the store, he speaks to the mannequins standing outside. On the inside of the store, he puts the DVD back where he got it and he's standing next to a female mannequin. His body language lets me know that he wants to flirt.

Me - Please don't flirt with the Mannequin, Robert.

He doesn't. But when he gets to the register, he starts talking to the Mannequin sitting at the register & asking about "The woman" standing back there in the "G" section.

This was one of the hardest things for Evan to grasp.

If you were THE ONLY PERSON LEFT ALIVE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, you'd probably go a little crazy having no one else to talk to. So what if he has conversations with an inanimate object? At least the conversations make sense!

So whenever Neville did something "crazy" (like shouting "Fore" before he hit a golf ball that obviously isn't going to hit anyone else), Evan would repeat "Anything to stay sane." to remind himself that Robert isn't really "crazy".

The movie has a lot of funny bits. But it also has a lot of really sad scenes. It has some scenes that made us both jump.

Wow, I've gotten so off track.

Back to the movie. Post dinner & bath, we see Neville going around the house pulling down metal shutters to cover the windows, he's barring the doors. Basically making the house a fortress.

We also see Neville's lab. He's trying to find a cure for the virus. He has about 50 rats in little cages that he's given different versions of the "cure" to see what reactions they have to it. Only one rat isn't going psycho with aggression.

So Robert goes out one day to hunt one of the Hemocytes. (What you turn into if the virus doesn't kill you.) He sets a trap, takes some of his blood in a vial, cracks it so the scent will get out & waits for the Hemo to come. (They're highly 'allergic' to ultraviolet light, so they stay out of the sun.)

He gets one. Takes it back to his lab & injects it with the same strain as rat #6.

(I so don't want to give too much away, but I really want you to see this movie.)

Next day, he goes out and the mannequin that had been in front of the DVD Rental place is standing in the middle of the street.

So Robert stops his SUV & gets out with his gun & starts shouting at it. "HEY! What are you doing here? If you're real, you'd better talk to me! Say something RIGHT NOW!"

Obviously, the mannequin doesn't talk. So Neville shoots it to pieces. Then he gets closer to look. He's jerked up into the air by a trap set for him. On his way up, he hits his head and passes out.

When he wakes up, Sam (the dog) is barking furiously. And it's getting dark.

That is all. (Don't call me any names, Monique, LOL.)

Go BUY the movie. Don't rent it. If you like Will Smith. If you like Action. If you like "Apocalypse" movies. Buy it.


I'm going to watch it again right now.


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