Sunday, March 16, 2008

Conversation with Evan - 3/16/08

Earlier in the day I told Evan that after I got out of the bathroom, I wanted him to brush his teeth. (He thinks Spring Break means that he doesn't have to brush his teeth or shower...)

5 Minutes ago
Me - Go brush your teeth
E - I'm going to use baking soda
Me - Ew. But whatever.
E - When is the expiration date?
Me - I don't know that it actually expires
E - Well this expired in 2005
Me - Whatever, man. Just try it. If you like it, I'll buy you some new baking soda.
E - Nevermind, I'll just use toothpaste
Me - Ok.

1 minute later
Me - Did you brush your teeth?
E - Yes
Me - What did you use?
E - Why?
Me - Because it doesn't seem like it took long enough
E - Do you want me to brush them again?
Me - No, just come over here and let me smell your breath.
E - FINE! I'll just go brush my teeth, then!

LOL! He doesn't realize that 1) I can hear when water is running upstairs & 2) I bought him one of those toothbrushes that plays music for 2 minutes and I can hear that too.

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