Monday, March 31, 2008

Blog News - 3/31/08

First, my blog is featured in Blogger's Showroom again! The last time was quite a while ago, before they had the new sidebar sized widgets, so I e-mailed them & got a new feature in response! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!
Go vote for me. Thanks.

Second, one of my JJHF Peeps has joined Entrecard. YAY! Shawna does absolutely GORGEOUS pictures. She already has a button in my sidebar for her photography business, but I'm glad she's joined EC now because she'll get much more exposure. :-)

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My Top Entrecard Droppers for the month of March are:

WildClips Comedy - 29
Scott's Space - 28
Frank Kanu's Books - 28
Yimto Affiliate Marketing Blog - 28
An Unsuspecting Notebook - 27
I am BM Kia! - 27
Blogging MoRe - 26
Found Shit - 26
Scramories - 26

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Top Clicks by Widget

Random Musings of a Deranged Soul - 293
Black Tennis Pro's - 246
Monkey Fables And Tales - 163
An Unsuspecting Notebook. - 159
inside a bum's mind - 148
Blogging MoRe - 142
Hash It Out! - 138
Beeker's Words - 130
On The Bricks - 122
Blogsters Guild - 108

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Best Value by Widget

Honestly Swinging - 0.36
By the Sea - 0.89
Mixed - 0.92
On The Bricks - 1.30
Luna Tail - 1.33
Getting a Grip on Grace - 2.00
Confessions of an Organized Mess - 2.57
I Wandered - 3.00
Monkey Fables And Tales - 3.12
Black Tennis Pro's - 3.23

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I'm going to change my Entrecard. I went HERE to create the face. It's pretty cool. Not the hair choices I'd like but you get what you pay for, right? LOL.

Which one do you like better? I think I need to change the background on the second one to a lighter color & the font on the first one to something more easily read, but which face do you like better?

Top or Bottom? 1st or 2nd? Let me know in the comments. Thanks! :-)

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